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Antique Spalato is an antique shop in the city of Split, Croatia. We have many years of experience in business; collecting and as well in buying and selling antiquesat auctions and fairs both in Croatia and throughout Europe. We offer a wide selection of stylish furniture, clocks, china, glass and various sculptures from the late 19th and early 20th century.

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After the long-lasting family tradition of collecting antiques and going to the auctions and fairs, first in Croatia then throughout the entire Europe, we decided to open our doors of the world of antiques in the center of Split and share our passion for antiques with our friends and guests of this lovely town.
Antique Spalato started working in 2012. in Dobrić 12 street in the very center of Split. Take a peek at our world of antiques and contact us with confidence.

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“Let's dive into the world of antiquity and recall some of past times.”

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