500th anniversary of the publication Judith

The City Library of Marko Marulić, on the occasion of marking the 500th anniversary of the publication of the most important Croatian literary work "Judith" by Marko Marulić, is organizing an exhibition on the day of the patron saint of the city of Split, St. Duje, May 7, 2021 under the auspices of the City of Split in the newly renovated Old Town Hall on Narodni trg (Pjaca). As part of the exhibition, a short film will be premiered, for the purpose of which Antik Spalato proudly participates with its antiques.

Croatian and European writer and humanist Marko Marulić, born in 1450-1524, the Father of Croatian literature and the creator of "Judith", the first epic in the Croatian language is an extremely important work for the Croatian language, literature and cultural history in general. Written in 1501 and published in 1521.

The epic follows the story of the biblical heroine, the widow Judith, who saves her people from the Ottomans with her courage, with which the author wanted to strengthen the patriotic enthusiasm of his own people who were at great danger from the Ottomans at that time.

Short movie you can watch on this link.